Bringing Together the IP Community

December 14, 2017
9am – 7pm
Santa Clara Convention Center

REUSE 2017 will again bring the global IP community together, this time at the Santa Clara Convention Center in the center of Silicon Valley. Here an even greater diversity of suppliers will be promoting their products in a fair and balanced showcase. REUSE will also provide an open forum for communication and networking within our industry.



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                  Keynote: High Tech Companies Dealing With IP Theft Must Take Action to Protect Themselves

                  A 2017 report by the Commission on the Theft of American Intellectual Property estimates that the annual cost of IP theft to the U.S. exceeds $225 billion, translating to 1.25 percent of our economy, but may be as high as $600 billion when taking into account unreported/unmeasured types of IP theft. The estimated value is difficult to accurately measure due to the ease with which software can be transferred via the internet and duplicated without licensing or royalties. The cost of trade secret theft is also difficult to assess because companies may not even be aware that their IP has been stolen, nor are they motivated to report their losses once discovered. In the past, semiconductor companies experiencing IP theft have viewed it as a forgone conclusion and have had little means to fight back. But things are changing. New laws have been put in place that do more to protect the theft of IP, both in the U.S. and Europe and there are new technologies that can be leveraged to document designs. License owners can no longer afford to ignore the fact that their IP is being stolen or being used out of compliance with the intended licensing. Intellectual property is the bedrock of our high-tech economy and there has never been a more important time to protect IP. As more and more fabless semiconductor companies emerge throughout the world, it is great time to look at how we can best protect their designs and make sure the companies that innovate can benefit from their innovations on a fair playing field.

                  Ted Miracco

                  Embedding FPGAs will make microcontrollers and SoCs more flexible and powerful. Reconfigurable accelerators can accelerate the main workloads by 30+ times faster than a processor. Programmable I/O enables implementation of as many and whatever type of serial I/O required. And offloading repetitive monitoring tasks to embedded FPGA can increase battery life for power-sensitive applications by 2-3x. Tony will show details and examples.

                  Tony Kozaczuk

                  Reliable Silicon and Software IP with the right features is key for the timely design of today's complex automotive electronics. What used to be science fiction is now science fact: cars connect to the internet, drive on their own, alert the driver to and help avoid hazards, and offer rich infotainment systems with smartphone integration. Here we will discuss how the right Silicon IP helps automotive engineers achieve demanding design goals faster and with less risk. Examples come from CAST's Automotive IP product line, which covers today's co-existing interconnect technologies—ranging from LIN and SENT to CAN-FD and Automotive Ethernet—and also provides solutions for the low-latency, high- quality processing, compression, and display of automotive image and video content.

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                  It’s great to see a show exclusively focused on semiconductor IP and the needs of the designers, REUSE is by far my favorite show.
                  Mike Kaskowitzformer GM of IP at Mentor Graphics
                  With its strong focus on Semiconductor IP, the REUSE Conference fills a void by providing an opportunity for IP vendors and chip designers to come together to exchange ideas and information.
                  Jim LipmanMarketing Director, Sidense Corp.